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If you are one from many people searching for what is student portal? Then you are in the correct place. You can describe the student portal shortly by saying that it is a system that is used for learning.

If you want to go more detail, then you can describe the student portal as a study administration that is mainly used by students, teachers, etc.

The help texts that come included are primarily based on two things one is whether you are logged in and the second one is whether you are a student or an employee. Your student portal will also be frequently updated.

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On behalf of equality like many other schools and universities this university also provides an equal right for both men and women studying here. And they are also allowed to apply whatever academic program they are interested in it. In case if they are interested in admission, then the admissions are only taken based on academic standing.

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Student portal the USA

The most average student population of this university is somewhere near 10,000. And a note that most of their students catholic but don’t worry if you are a Muslim or of any other religion because this school also has a significant number of protestant or Muslims.

No.LogoName Of PortalCountry
1.GCU Student portalUSA
2.Grand canyon university student portalUSA
3.WGU Student PortalUSA
4..Ashford Student portalUSA
5.DeVry Student PortalUSA
6.Rasmussen Student PortalUSA
7.Argosy Student PortalUSA
8.Walden Student PortalUSA
9.Walden University Student PortalUSA
10.Chamberlain Student PortalUSA
11.OHSU Student PortalUSA

If you are a person from Panay islands, then you will find many people from your region as most of the students here are from Panay islands. Not only Panay islands but people in this school also come from negros island, and there are also a few from Luzon.

Student Portal USA

GCU Student portal

GCU student portalYou know new gcu student portal login one o the most popular portal in the world. As you can say Grand Canyon university is a licensed college and the portal of this university holds both schools particular and project particular enfranchisement.

Enfranchisement is also very persuading because this is the main thing that identifies the nature of the school or college. And this nature will be the one recognized by a companion foundation.

Helpline 1-855-GCU-LOPE
Official Website
Mailing P.O. Box 11097  Phoenix, AZ 85061 3300 West
Address  Camelback Road – Phoenix, AZ 85017
Email: [email protected]

Grand canyon university student portal

Grand canyon university student portalGetting licensed comes with many benefits that mostly include quality confirmation and also guarantees the institutional project change.

You will not have a single chance to doubt this university because it has been surveyed in all different kinds of ways including instructive exercises, organization, assets, etc.

Contact Number 1-855-GCU-LOPE
Official Website
Email Helpline [email protected]
Address  Camelback Road – Phoenix, AZ 85017
Mailing contact  P.O. Box 11097  Phoenix, AZ 85061 3300 West

WGU Student Portal

WGU student portalLike many other universities, WGU is also one of the most reputed universities that also provides a WGU mobile official Western Governors University mobile that gives the note of applications only for the students that are active.

One of the essential features of this university is that you can get your studies done on the go. And this can be done by accessing the courses, receive push notifications for assessments, more comfortable contact faculty and many more.

And the WGU mobile that they provide is also redesigned that help students who have already signed in to the student portal do their work.

Email [email protected]
Official Website
Contact (877) 435-7948, 1-877-435-7948
WGU North Carolina 1009 Slater Road, Suite 310 Durham, NC 27709 866-903-0109
enrollment counselor 1-855-948-8496 or 1-866-225-5948 (1-866-CALL-WGU)

Ashford Student portal

Ashford student portalEveryone right here reading this might be familiar with Ashford university, I guess. And its also apparent because it’s one of the biggest names you could hear when you get into the educational world.

As everything and every organization work with a mission, Ashford’s mission is to available, reasonable and excellent open doors towards the world of knowledge.

They also add up student success is the heart of the mission. Once you get into the university, you can find many practices going on to integrate assessment.

This university provides a consistent approach to development, alignment and also analysis the student’s learning outcomes.

Locations Four locations
Official Website
Email Helpline [email protected]
Address Ashford University 8620 Spectrum Center Blvd. San Diego, CA 92123
Android apps Android
apple app Apple
Apply online
Online Chat  

DeVry Student Portal

DeVry student portalThe current courses that they offer can only be accessed if you have a student portal, with the help of student portal you can get the access to many of the tests that are frequently going on and many other things. DeVry University offers many courses for students and also provides career services.

It is all for people who cannot afford high priced education, so when you work with DeVry University, you can make your learning or education affordable, flexible and also successful on the other hand. The advantages of personalized career services are genuinely remarkable.

Canada contact 1-602-216-7700.
Helpline 866-338-7934
Office 1200 E. Diehl Road Naperville, IL 60563
Text 855-890-3001

Rasmussen Student Portal

Rasmussen student portalA student portal is probably the tool to get to many self-services related stuff. You can access many kinds of thing when you get your student portal, and they are:
1. Career services, library services and many more.
2. Account Balances
3. Academic history and the course materials
4. A chance to view the academic calendar
5. Financial aid information and a ton of different stuff.
Rasmussen academy also offers many services for both students and even alumni. You can do everything from accessing email, reviewing learning platforms to paying tuition with the help of student portals. If you have any doubt, then you can contact the personal support center.

Contact Number (866) 693-2211
Contact Mail [email protected]
Facebook  Facebook Page
Youtube  Channel 

Argosy Student Portal

Argosy student portalArgosy is one of the universities that has a lot of branches and locations, in number, it is 26 locations, and this university also supports a lot of students that have graduated from throughout the nation.

Argosy is a university that is proud to offer a variety of different courses and profoundly different communities of people from various regions.

It is an excellent way of improving collaboration between various kinds of departments as well as campuses. You can get many different types of benefits when you log in with the student portal and other essential stuff. If you have any doubts then better contact the customer care for more information.

Contact Number 1-866.427.4679.
Official Website
Email Helpline [email protected]
Campus-based students 1-866.848.0776.
Address Argosy University, 3601 West Sunflower Avenue,

Santa Ana, CA 92704 © 2019 Argosy University

Walden Student Portal

Walden student portalWalden is a great university set up in the year 1970 by two educators who were from New York. And these two people were the ones who made up a complete system for working on grown-ups who were to seek their doctoral degree.
If you are a student of this university, then you can gain your online degree from an organization in the U.S.A.

Contact Number 1-800-925-3368
Official Website
Email Helpline [email protected]
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Twitt  Twitter

Walden University Student Portal

Walden university student portalIt can be done from any place on the planet, so it is regardless of where you live or where you are. Many people are learning from Walden from approximately 15 nations. And the students who have graduated from here are also delighted with this university.

Contact Number 1-800-925-3368
Twitter Contact Twitter
Email Address [email protected]
Facebook Contact Facebook
Official Website

Chamberlain Student Portal

Chamberlain student portalEarning a degree is a thing that is quite a bit hard, but when you have the needed support, then it becomes a bit easier.

So, if you need this support, then Chamberlain university can get your job done in a very effective manner. They have graduated extraordinary nurses till now are still doing the work.

Contact Number 877.751.5783
Official Website
Email Helpline [email protected]
Address Old State Capitol Plaza, Suite 333, Springfield, IL 62701-1377.
Social Facebook

OHSU Student Portal

OHSU student portalIn many of these sorts of cases, the first thing you worry about is the student information system. In OHSU people can access to many kinds of stuff like browse the class schedule, use your academic planner, pay your account online, add drop and edit classes and many more can be done.

Contact Number 503 494-2222
Official Website
Email Helpline [email protected]
Address 3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Rd. Portland, OR 97239-3098
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West coast University Student Portal

<img src="" width="40" height="25" class="aligncenter size-thumbnail" />Guys, West coast university one of most popular also oldest university of USA which is founded in 1909, So it is 110 year university located in multi place of America which are California,Florida. Los Angeles, Dallas, Anaheim and Ontario, Miami, Texas.

It is majorly focused on healthcare degrees. You can check West coast University Student Portal some useful links and information to access it’s portal.

Name West coast University Student Portal
Helpline 1-888-900-2758
Email Address contact Go Here
Live Chat You can chat live below Official site’s page
Official Website

Student Portal Australia

When you get in your study in Australia, then it is sure that parents, as well as families, will frequently be getting information from the government of Australia.

The information they get is regarding many kinds of stuff related to them as well as their children and other stuff.

No.LogoName Of PortalCountry
1.Det Student PortalAustralia
2.ECU Student PortalAustralia
3.Student Portal NSWAustralia
4.ACU Student PortalAustralia

The people working here are also very significant when it comes to who they are, what they do, jobs that are with the department and also how they deliver effective government services to every single one in Australia or every only person who is an Australian. And this is it about student portal Australia.

Student Portal Australia

Det Student Portal

Det student portalThere is a particular scheduled time for the department’s online services, and they occur each week between 19:00 Thursday and continue till 04:00 the next morning.

Departmental services will not be available during this time, and particularly online corporate services won’t be available during this scheduled time. You can ask any questions regarding it to the customer care.

Contact Number 9561 8000
Email Helpline [email protected]
Address GPO Box 33 Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
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ECU Student Portal

ECU student portalA student portal is the gateway to further get web applications. And not only web applications but also student intranet and even various other sorts of student information in ECU. The web page of the portal provides access to multiple forms that include online exams submission and also links to external websites.

Telephone Number (61 8) 6304 6000
Official Portal Link
Email Helpline [email protected]
Address Joondalup Campus, Building 31
contact for International: +61 8 6304 0000

Student Portal NSW

Student portal NSWEvery student that is once logged into NSW students online or anything must check the confirmation of entry, and this is done to ensure your name, courses, email, phone number, and other stuff are correct or not. You also must inform if anything like name or class has been changed.

Help 9561 8000
Official Website
Email Helpline [email protected]
Twitter  Page
Instagram  Page

ACU Student Portal

ACU student portalWhen you get your studies further with ACU, then it’s sure that you are preparing for a totally rewarding career and this is also done by still making an impact.

You can browse with the ACU portal for many kinds of stuff like study options, scholarships, view admission pathway and many more.

Contact help 1300 275 228
Official Website
Text Helpline 0427 522 268
Mail [email protected]
Campuses Adelaide = +61 3 9953 3986, Ballarat = +61 3 5336 5300
Brisbane = +61 7 3623 7100, Canberra = +61 2 6209 1100
Melbourne = +61 3 9953 3000, North Sydney = +61 2 9739 2368,

Student Portal Malaysia

As Malaysia is the 11th destination every person reaches to get educated in, and this is the main reason behind many reputed universities of united states, etc. coming here to set up their branches. And there are also many reputed universities already set up here, and some are planned to be set up later or sooner.

No.LogoPortal NameCountry
1.UITM Student PortalMalaysia
2.UNISEL Student PortalMalaysia

And the MQA that is connected to Malaysia has monitored that the quality of education in every single part of Malaysia is getting better than ever. Students of here get graduated with the skills that they will need to set up the best career when it’s time for it.

Student Portal Malaysia

UITM Student Portal

UITM student portalThe student’s affair division that occurs is one of the core or essential part for the student administration or management for the entire university.

There is also one separate thing that maintains this stuff and also does other stuff like perform tasks, responsibilities and other functions but all of these occur as stated in the university.

Number +603-55443159/3300/3509
Fax +603-55443510/3210/2820
Address  The Academic Affairs Division (BHEA),
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Malaysia, 40450 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

UNISEL Student Portal

UNISEL student portalUniversiti Selangor or UNISEL is the first and the most renowned state university in Malaysia. And this university is the one that is wholly owned by the state government of Malaysia. It is one of the universities that is committed to having the highest standards of honesty, truth, and fairness and also mutual respect.

Tel 603-5522 3400
Official Website
Address Jalan Timur Tambahan, 45600 Bestari Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Fax 603-3289 7335
contact 603-3289 7336

Student Portal India

The mission of these student portals of the school or universities is only that students should attain the knowledge, attitude, and skills that are needed to realize their potential. And this is not only to achieve their potential but also to meet the challenges of life choices, fulfill their responsibilities as a citizen, etc.

Student Portal India

SBTET Student Portal

SBTET student portalAndhra Pradesh, as well as Telangana state diploma examinations, are to be conducted offline every year as for the student year as well as the semester wise examination.

There are many factors that are taken into consideration where a student is qualified in his or her semester year examination or course year examination.

Contact Number 040-23222192
Official Website
Email Helpline [email protected]

Mahendra Student Portal

Mahendra student portalIf you are looking for some information about Mahendra student portal, then you are in the right place. ST or speed test is a platform where you can take several tests or online exams in one structured form. It is also one of the websites that are highly ranked and also has an excellent reputation.

Contact Number 1800-103-5225
Official Website
Email Helpline

AP SBTET Student Portal

AP SBTET student portalStudents in AP SBTET can get the following benefits directly through their mobile phone. And they are complete attendance records, and this is from year wise access and semester wise access, access holiday list, access student information, access to a list of colleges in Andhra and Telangana twin states.

Contact Number 9133399688
Official Website
Email Helpline [email protected]
Helpline 9133399688
Address 5 th Floor, ANR Towers,Jammi chettu Road,,
Prasadampadu, Currency Nagar,,
Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 521108.

Student Portal the UK

Many of the universities in the UK are awesome if you would like to get graduated from a reputed university. And also, many universities here are an exempt of the charity as for the charities act of the year 2006. You can also make information requests to them if you have any to make.

Student Portal uk

Cardiff met Student Portal

Cardiff met student portalYou cannot find the student portal of Cardiff met unless and until you are a student of Cardiff Met. And one note that their student portal is said to be the student room.

It is a resource from where you can get information for current students who are studying at Cardiff Met.

Contact Number 029 2041 6070
Official Website
Email Helpline [email protected]
Address Llandaff Campus, Western Avenue, Cardiff, CF5 2YB
Facebook  Page

Lancaster Student Portal

Lancaster student portalIn case you are a new student of Lancaster then one of the first things you should do is that sign in to get your student portal.

And you should also create a new account; this will give you a lot of benefits to submit to the latest applications and other stuff.

Contact Number +44 (0)1524 5 10987
Official Website
Email Helpline [email protected]
Address Learning Zone, Alexandra Square
Time 9.00am – 5.00pm, Mon to Fri

Roehampton Student Portal

Roehampton student portalWhen you first get into their way of education and studies then you will understand that they change lives only by helping students develop their confidence and other essential stuff like knowledge and values they need to be successful in life. They also produce many types of research to change the world for good.

Contact Number +44 (0)20 8392 3000
Official Website
Adviser Number 020 8392 3232
Address University of Roehampton, Grove House,
Roehampton Lane, London, SW15 5PJ, UK.
Contact Social  Facebook

Student Portal UW

Student portal UWPortals are very helpful if you are a person who would always like to keep track of everything happening around in your school. By this, you can also know all the applications regarding the examinations and other stuff going on in your university. Not only this but many benefits can be experienced if you sign into the portal.

Contact Number +1 519 888 4567
Official Website
Email Helpline
Address 200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, ON, Canada N2L 3G1
App  Android  Apple


In recent years, there is also an increased population of international students. And most of them are from Korea and even from united states. The students of here are fantastic and also the facilities they provide are also a noteworthy one. It is it for the USA academy.